Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

Are there restaurants within walking distance?

Yes, There are a number of restaurants within a 10 minute walk. There is also a convenience store.

Can someone shop for me?

Yes, we can make sure that your kitchen is completely stocked when you arrive with your favorite foods and beverages.  Just send an email to edith@juntoalmar.com with your list.  Include brand names if you have favorites and backup brands in case your favorites are unavailable.

There is a 15% service fee added to the cost of your groceries for this service.

Can we have special events like a party or a wedding?

Yes.  But you must contact Edith@juntoalmar.com to get a waiver to the only registered guests rule.

Can we surf in front of Casa Junto al Mar?

No, you can´t. On some days the waves are great to surf on Carrizalillo Beach, but, if
you are serious surfer you will probably want to  go to the world famous Mexican
pipeline at Zicatela Beach.

Can we swim in front of Casa Junto al Mar?

No, don’t do it it’s dangerous. I did it once. Don’t try it!!

Do you allow unregistered guests?

No, all guests must be registered.  Any exception to this rule must be in writting signed by the property manager.  Additional guests may register for as little as one night.

Do you have air conditioning?

Yes, each of the 5 bedrooms and the dormitory has seperate air conditioning.

Do you provide drinking water?

There will be at least one 5 gallon bottle of drinking water when you arrive.  Refills should be purchased from a truck that delivers to the house every couple of days.  Your cleaning staff will assist to make sure that you don’t run out of drinking water.

Does the house come with a cook?

No, there is an additional charge for a cook (either daily or hourly). Please see our Food page for more information.

Does the staff speak English?

Our cleaning staff speak minimal english. Edith, who is director of guest services, is fully fluent in spanish and english.  She will be available to assist in all of your translation needs.

Is it necessary or advisable to rent a car?

No, for most people car rental is not necessary. Taxi fares are reasonable and there is lots available within a few minutes walk.

Is the house shared with other people?

No, when you rent the house, the house it is for your exclusive use only.

Is there a gym or fitness facility nearby?

There are several small gyms in town. At least 2 within walking distance.

My flight will arrive before the check-in time. Can arrive early to the property?

Yes, you can bring your bags over to the property after 8:30 am.

If available, you will have the option of early checkin. Please see our early checkin / late checkout policy on the policies page.

What is the tipping policy?

If you are happy with the service that you receive, a gratuity to your staff would be greatly appreciated.  10-20 pesos per day per guest is a good approximation.

If you are not satisified with the service that you receive, please contact edith@juntoalmar.com.

What should we bring?
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • insect repellent
  • binoculars
  • beach towels
  • sandals
  • hats
  • beach towels
  • camara
Where can I play golf or tennis?

Tennis courts are available at the Best Western hotel in Puerto Escondido (5 minutes by taxi or 15 minutes walking).
For golf you’ll need to travel to Huatulco (2 hours by car or taxi).

Will my cell phone work?

Yes, cell phone service is available (subject to your carrier plan and network
availability). If you are coming from outside Mexico, confirm with your carrier before hand that your service will extend to Mexico. Plans are much cheaper than roaming charges.